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Serving the North Pittsburgh and Butler area for over 20 years.

Please bear with us while we rebuild our website, between changing hosts three times now and the summer rush it is going to take some time to get back up and going. Hopefully this will be the last host change for quite awhile. Some pages may change in appearance as we get things back up and running as well. Thank you for your patience.


We are now stocking a selection of exciting new products from GG Innovative Products! You may have seen that we were looking into selling the products, but now we have them! GG Innovative Products first came out with a concrete stain known as the "Beer Stain" because it could be mixed with the carrier of your choice (beer, wine, water, acetone, laquer thinner). The stain worked like acid stain (even the mottled look to the finish could be achieved) but did not have the negative effects of acid stains (neutralize washes and hazing under sealer). Now they have reformulated their product with an even smaller particle size and named it the "ENDURable Stain" as well as producing a concrete dye called "ENDURable Dye." Both can be mixed with water, acetone or denatured alcohol. We are also going to offer their concrete sealers and finsh waxes as well. Please see our Current Products page or visit the manufactuers site for more information.

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